Independent and specialist manufacturer

Independent European group specializing in insulating systems for conduction, tying and marketing of cables and tubes in power, data, HVAC and ancillary installations.

In-house production
Our production capacity is guarenteed by our manufacturing centresm which allow us to control the entire productive process and assure a reliable delivery service. We do not manufacture generic brands for third parties.

Respect for the enviroment
Unex is aware of the global pledge that sustainable use of natural resources, the efficient use of energy and full respect for the enviroment and society.

Corporate values

  • Effort
    • As a family-run business, the determenation to preserve our independence has led us to bringing to market a range of solutions adapted to all the needs of our sector. Our working philosophy and the efforts we have invested in our project enable us to get further then others and to become the market´s landmark in our speciality.
  • International expansion
    • Thanks to our long-term vision, we focused on opening new horizons with a clear vocation for world-wide expansion. Our sales offices on Spain, Germany, France, Portugal, Italy and Chile and our international teamm make us proud and stimulate us to put our product on all five continents.
  • Teamwork
    • Nothing would be possible without human resources, our people. With their passion for service and their proud sense of belonging, they set up the responsibility spirit which makes us different, solid and with promising future prospects. In all of us lays the best worling attitude and the willingness to act in connection with our common goals.


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