Cabinet / ENUX Nordic

Automation Cabinet with punched FL21 outputs, IP55, RAL7035


We introduce the Cabinet / ENUX Nordic, a mounted cabinet for automation with front blank door and back panel made of high-strength sheet steel and has punched out FL21 outputs in the ceiling.. E NUX Nordic solutions are a perfect match of Made in Italy design and cutting-edge technology and quality features, studied to improve functionality, protection and versatility.

ENUX Nordic control cabinet is designed to improve functionality and provide optimal protection, and is the perfect choice for all professional environments. Customize your cabinet with our wide range of accessories, so that it is tailored exactly to your needs. Improve your automation with ENUX Nordic today.

  • Structure made of high strength sheet steel
  • Door manufactured from sheet steel with stiffening frame, complete with 0.3mm lever operated double bar locking system
  • Back panel made of sheet steel with rounded folding
  • Removable roof made of sheet steel
  • The bottom is made of high-strength sheet steel with adjustable cable entry (double cable entry for W=1000).
    • Seal is supplied separately.

Delivery includes:

  • Cabinet frame
  • Blank front door and rear panel or Blank front and back door


  • Brand: Eta
  • IP rating: IP55 (IEC EN62208; EN60529)
  • NEMA Type: 12 (UL508A; UL50)
  • Impact resistance: IK10 (IEC EN62208; EN62262)

Article number

ENUX061804PR-NGolvskåp, FL21-utgångar i tak6001800400
ENUX062004PR-NGolvskåp, FL21-utgångar i tak6002000400
ENUX061805PR-NGolvskåp, FL21-utgångar i tak6001800500
ENUX062005PR-NGolvskåp, FL21-utgångar i tak6002000500
ENUX081804PR-NGolvskåp, FL21-utgångar i tak8001800400.pdf
ENUX081805PR-NGolvskåp, FL21-utgångar i tak8001800500.pdf
ENUX082004PR-NGolvskåp, FL21-utgångar i tak8002000400
ENUX082005PR-NGolvskåp, FL21-utgångar i tak8002000500
ENUX101804PR-N-1Golvskåp, FL21-utgångar i tak, 1st dörr10001800400.pdf
ENUX101805PR-N-1Golvskåp, FL21-utgångar i tak, 1st dörr10001800500.pdf
ENUX102004PR-N-1Golvskåp, FL21-utgångar i tak. 1st dörr10002000400
ENUX102005PR-N-1Golvskåp, FL21-utgångar i tak, 1st dörr10002000500
ENUX101804PR-N-2Golvskåp, FL21-utgångar i tak, 2st dörr10001800400
ENUX101805PR-N-2Golvskåp, FL21-utgångar i tak, 2st dörr10001800500
ENUX102004PR-N-2Golvskåp, FL21-utgångar i tak, 2st dörr10002000400
ENUX102005PR-N-2Golvskåp, FL21-utgångar i tak, 2st dörr10002000200
ENUX121804PR-NGolvskåp, FL21-utgångar i tak12001800400.pdf
ENUX121805PR-NGolvskåp, FL21-utgångar i tak12001800500
ENUX122004PR-NGolvskåp, FL21-utgångar i tak12002000400
ENUX122005PR-NGolvskåp, FL21-utgångar i tak12002000500

Side Panel | Mounting Plate | Base

EUFI040180ENUX side panel (2pcs)4001800
EUFI040200ENUX side panel (2pcs)4002000
EUFI050180ENUX side panel (2pcs)5001800
EUFI050200ENUX side panel (2pcs)5002000
EUPL-060180ENUX monting plate, side mounted6001800
EUPL-060200ENUX monting plate, side mounted6002000
EUPL-080180ENUX monting plate, side mounted8001800
EUPL-080200ENUX monting plate, side mounted8002000
EUPL-100180ENUX monting plate, side mounted10001800
EUPL-100200ENUX monting plate, side mounted10002000
EUPL-120180ENUX monting plate, side mounted12001800
EUPL-120200ENUX monting plate, side mounted12002000
EUZE-A100ENUX Base corners 4pcs100
EUZE-A200ENUX Base corners 4pcs200
EUZE-T0400Enux base plate (2pcs)400100
EUZE-T0400DEnux base plate (2pcs)400200
EUZE-T0500Enux base plate (2pcs)500100
EUZE-T0500DEnux base plate (2pcs)500200
EUZE-T0600Enux base plate (2pcs)600100
EUZE-T0600DEnux base plate (2pcs)600200
EUZE-T0800Enux base plate (2pcs)800100
EUZE-T0800DEnux base plate (2pcs)800200
EUZE-T1000Enux base plate (2pcs)1000100
EUZE-T1000DEnux base plate (2pcs)1000200
EUZE-T1200Enux base plate (2pcs)1200100
EUZE-T1200DEnux base plate (2pcs)1200200


Art.NoDescriptionBenämning 2
EUKU-002ENUX assembly kitTo assemble ENUX
EUKU-008Assembly angle universal incl. shear (8 pcs)To assemble ENUX
EUKU-003ENUX reinforcement angles (4 pcs.)
WTFP-001Door stop 90°
WTGS-001ENUX threaded lifting eyes M12 (4 pcs.)
WTTO-000500ENUX mounting rail, door (PU 2)L: 500 mm
WTTO-000600ENUX mounting rail, door (PU 2)L: 600 mm
WTTO-000800ENUX mounting rail, door (PU 2)L: 800 mm
WTTO-001000ENUX mounting rail, door (PU 2)L: 1000 mm
ELWE001ENUX comfort handleFor locking insert 3 mm
ELWE004ENUX comfort handleWith padlock bracket
EURL001Folding shelf, universal420x400, max 20 kg
WTSU-001C-rail for strain relief30 x 15 mm L: 2000
WTSQ-001Brackets for C-rail
WTSQ-005Brackets for C-rail> = 1000 mm
WTDA-001Nuts M8 (20 pcs)
WTDA-002Nuts M6 (20 pcs)
EUFC-060040ENUX bottom plate, smoothB600 D400
EUFC-060050ENUX bottom plate, smoothB600 D500
EUFC-080040ENUX bottom plate, smoothB800 D400
EUFC-080050ENUX bottom plate, smoothB800 D500
EUFC-100040ENUX bottom plate, smoothB1000 D400
EUFC-100050ENUX bottom plate, smoothB1000 D500
EUFC-120040ENUX bottom plate, smoothB1200 D400
EUFC-120050ENUX bottom plate, smoothB1200 D500
LLX-400-BMLED luminaire LLX 230VMagnetic mount, PIR, outlet
LLX-400-BVLED luminaire LLX 230VScrew mount, PIR, outlet
LL-N-30Power supply cable 3.0 mOrange
LL-V-06Series connection cable 0.6 mOrange
LL-V-10Series connection cable 1.0 mOrange

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