• Extremely narrow width
  • Reduced no-load power consumption
  • Wide operating temperature


PSU / LYTE II, is mounted on DIN Rails. The PSU is a versatile solution that is easy to mount on the DIN Rail. With its universal AC input voltage range and built-in constant current circuit for reactive loads, it provides high power density and reliable performance. It can operate in extreme temperatures from -30°C to +70°C with -40°C cold start. Its reduced no-load current consumption and DOE VI Energy Standard and SEMI F47 @ 200Vac compliance make it a reliable choice for your needs.


  • Universal AC input voltage range
  • Built-in constant current circuit for reactive loads
  • High power density
  • Operate from -30°C to +70°C with -40°C Cold Start
  • Reduced no-load power consumption
  • Compliance with DOE VI Energy Standard
  • Compliance to SEMI F47 @ 200Vac

Article number

Art.NoOutput VoltageOutput CurrentPowerInput Voltage RangeSize (H x W x D)PDF
DRL-12V120W1EN12V10A120W90-264Vac123.6 x 30 x 116.8 mm.pdf
DRL-12V240W1EN12V20A240W90-264Vac123.6 x 30 x 116.8 mm.pdf
DRL-24V120W1EN24V5A120W90-264Vac123.6 x 40 x 116.8 mm.pdf
DRL-24V240W1EN24V10A240W90-264Vac123.6 x 40 x 116.8 mm.pdf
DRL-48V120W1EN48V2.5A120W90-264Vac123.6 x 30 x 116.8 mm.pdf
DRL-48V240W1EN48V5A240W90-264Vac123.6 x 40 x 116.8 mm.pdf
DRL-48V480W1EN48V10A480W90-264Vac123.6 x 56 x 116.8 mm.pdf

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