Cabinet / EMOX

Automation Cabinet with welded ends, IP66 RAL7035


Cabinet / EMOX made of 1.5 mm thick sheet metal with removable back panel. Door made of 2.0 mm thick steel plate with stiffening frame. E MOX - offered with a special front and rear aesthetic profile to meet the E NUX style - The cabinet is built with a unique symmetrical monoblock construction with top, bottom and side panels welded and an exterior door equipped with an innovative lever-controlled locking system.

Delivered with:

  • Welded side panels
  • Removable rear panel
  • Shiny front door and mounted mounting plate


  • ETA standard powder coating in epoxy polyester
  • Structure and door:
    • RAL 7035 textured surface
    • Aesthetic profile: color RAL 5020 textured finish
  • IP66 complies with IEC EN62208; EN60529
  • NEMA 12 complies with UL5O8A; UL5O
  • Degree of protection guaranteed by two-component polyurethane foam
  • Impact resistance IK10 according to IEC EN62208; EN62262

Article number

EMOX061604PR6001600400EMOX Single Door.pdf
EMOX061804PR6001800400EMOX Single Door.pdf
EMOX061805PR6001800500EMOX Single Door.pdf
EMOX062004PR6002000400EMOX Single Door.pdf
EMOX062005PR6002000500EMOX Single Door.pdf
EMOX081604PR8001600400EMOX Single Door.pdf
EMOX081804PR8001800400EMOX Single Door.pdf
EMOX081805PR8001800500EMOX Single Door.pdf
EMOX082004PR8002000400EMOX Single Door.pdf
EMOX082005PR8002000500EMOX Single Door.pdf
EMOX101604PR10001600400EMOX Single Door.pdf
EMOX101804PR10001800400EMOX Single Door.pdf
EMOX101805PR10001800500EMOX Single Door.pdf
EMOX102004PR10002000400EMOX Single Door.pdf
EMOX102005PR10002000500EMOX Single Door.pdf
EMOX120804PR*1200800400EMOX Horizontal Version.pdf
EMOX121004PR*12001000400EMOX Horizontal Version.pdf
EMOX121604PR12001600400EMOX Double Door.pdf
EMOX121804PR12001800400EMOX Double Door.pdf
EMOX121805PR12001800500EMOX Double Door.pdf
EMOX122004PR12002000400EMOX Double Door.pdf
EMOX122005PR12002000500EMOX Double Door.pdf
EMOX141004PR*14001000400EMOX Horizontal Version.pdf
EMOX161004PR*16001000400EMOX Horizontal Version.pdf
EMOX161804PR16001800400EMOX Double Door.pdf
EMOX162004PR16002000400EMOX Double Door.pdf
EMOX181004PR*18001000400EMOX Horizontal Version.pdf



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