EMC Cable shield clamp / PF

För 10×3 skena, med/utan dragavl.


EMC-Shield clamp / PF is used in all places where the shield of individual wires must be connected to the mass potential. They enable a safe and simple shielding of cables.

Versions with strain relief: the cable can be strain relieved according to EN 62444 with cable ties. This takes place over the outer cable jacket. Variants with double strain relief are also available (according to PROFINET installation guidelines).

The clamping areas of the clamping variant MSKL are very large due to their special geometry. The construction width and height are comparatively small (example: MSKL 3-12 with inserted 12mm cable screen: width 26.25 mm).

Through a very narrow design and the displacement of the PFS|SCL, the space can be used in the best possible way. The product is specially designed for systems where several lines must be run very close to each other.

The product is mounted without tools by clicking it on 10 × 3 mm busbar.


  • Material Screen clamp: Spring steel, galvanized
  • Material Snap-in mounting foot: Spring steel
  • Screen clamp: Galvaniserat stål
  • Characteristics: vibration proof
  • Mounting options: Snap-in




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