PSU / CliQ M

  • Full power up to +60°C 
  • Advanced Power Boost (APB)
  • Marine Certifications


PSU / CliQ M, mounted on DIN Rail. With its universal AC input voltage range, you can use it anywhere. The high-power, corrosion-resistant aluminum housing ensures long-term durability. The Power Boost feature gives you a 150% boost for up to 7 seconds, while Advanced Power Boost (APB) provides extra power when it's needed most. With DNV GL and ABS approvals, it is also suitable for maritime applications. In addition, it can handle extremely low temperatures down to -40°C and has a built-in DC OK contact and LED indicator for easy monitoring. All these features make the CliQ M power supply a reliable and certified choice for your needs.


  • Universal AC input voltage range
  • High power density in corrosion resistant aluminium casing
  • Power Boost of 150% up to 7 seconds
  • Advanced Power Boost (APB)
  • DNV GL and ABS approvals for maritime applications
  • Extreme low temperature cold start at -40°C
  • Built-in DC OK Contact and LED indicator for DC OK/ Overload
  • Conformal coating on PCBAs to protect against common dust and chemical pollutants
  • Certified according to IEC/EN/UL 62368-1

Article number

Art.NoOutput VoltageOutput CurrentPowerInput Voltage RangeSize (H x W x D)PDF
DRM-24V80W1PN24V3.4A81.6W85-276Vac124 x 32 x 102 mm.pdf
DRM-24V120W1PN24V5A120W85-264Vac124 x 40 x 117 mm.pdf
DRM-24V240W1PN24V10A240W85-276Vac124 x 60 x 117 mm.pdf
DRM-24V480W3PN24V20A480W3 x 320-575Vac (3-Phase) or 2 x 380-575Vac (2-Phase)124 x 65 x 127.1 mm.pdf
DRM-24V480W1SN24V20A480W85-276 Vac124 x 82 x 127 mm.pdf
DRM-24V480W1PN24V20A480W85-276Vac124 x 82 x 127 mm.pdf
DRM-24V960W3PN24V40A960W3 x 320-575Vac (3-Phase) or 2 x 380-575Vac (2-Phase)124 x 110 x 128.6 mm.pdf
DRM-24V960W1PN24V40A960W85-264Vac124 x 125 x 133.6 mm.pdf

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