Robotic Conduit / FRT

PA12, UL94 V2, flexible
For dynamic applications


Robot Conduit / FRT for insulation and mechanical protection of cables in dynamic applications. The robotic conduit is made to withstand extreme weather conditions, e.g. external parts of locomotives and rolling stock. Very high UV resistance. FRT is ideally suited for installations within: Machine building, Automation, Renewable energy installations, Construction, and Marine.


  • Made of specially modified polyamide (PA6)
  • Specially patented profile * to cover the ORJ-o-ring seal to provide higher IP protection
  • Free from halogen, phosphorus and cadmium.
  • Self-extinguishing (V2 according to UL94)
  • Temperature range: -50ºC to 90ºC (140ºC short term)
  • UV-resistant
  • Colour: Black


Art.No BlackSizeØ int.Ø ext.Bend Radius RMeters
FRT-07N76.51020 / 4550
FRT-10N109.51330 / 6050
FRT-12N121215.835 / 7550
FRT-17N1716.421.240 / 9050
FRT-23N2322.628.555 / 11550
FRT-29N2928.134.570 / 14050
FRT-36N3636.342.580 / 20030
FRT-48N4847.554.5100 / 23030


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