Cable Glands Metal / CBMBC

Industrial standard cable glands with thread, brass


Metal cable glands are the perfect choice for standard industrial applications in demanding environments. These fittings offer easy installation and high quality strain relief, ensuring reliable performance. With proven sealing technology and international approvals, you can be sure that these cable glands live up to the highest standards. Whether it's heavy industry or other demanding applications, these metal cable glands are a reliable choice for your needs.

  • For standard industrial applications in harsh environments
  • For machines and boxes
  • Fast and easy mounting
  • High quality strain relief and sealing, reliable performance for standard industrial applications
  • Current international approvals

Product information

  • Brand: Bimed
  • Material: Brass
  • IP rating: IP 68 – 5 Bar, 30 min, IP66
  • UL Environmental classification: TYPE 4X acc. to UL 50E

Article number

Art.NoDescriptionBenämning 2
CBMBC-0SCable Gland Metal M123-6,5mm
CBMBC-01Cable Gland Metal M164-8mm
CBMBC-02Cable Gland Metal M206-12mm
CBMBC-03Cable Gland Metal M2510-14mm
CBMBC-04Cable Gland Metal M3213-18mm
CBMBC-E5Cable Gland Metal M4019-28mm
CBMBC-06Cable Gland Metal M5022-32mm
CBMBC-07Cable Gland Metal M6334-44mm

Lock nut

CBMBL-01Lock Nut Metal M12
CBMBL-02Lock Nut Metal M16
CBMBL-03Lock Nut Metal M20
CBMBL-04Lock Nut Metal M25
CBMBL-05Lock Nut Metal M32
CBMBL-06Lock Nut Metal M40
CBMBL-07Lock Nut Metal M50
CBMBL-08Lock Nut Metal M63

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