Brackets / TS

Brackets for DIN Rails


Brackets / TS for DIN Rails. Raise your rails to the desired height. Perfect when you need some extra space.


Surface treatment: White galvanization

Article number

TS-SM5K6F2990040Angled bracket with M5 hole10
TS-SM6K6F2990041Angled bracket with M6 hole10
TS-T2M5K6F29900428420Bracket with M5 hole10
TS-T2M6K6F29900438420Bracket with M6 hole10
TST20K6F29900448020Bracket with M6 hole10
TST25K6F8025Bracket with M6 hole10
TST30K6F29900458030Bracket with M6 hole10
TST40K6F8040Bracket with M6 hole10
TST50K6F29900468050Bracket with M6 hole10
TST70K6F29900478070Bracket with M6 hole10
TST90K6F29900488090Bracket with M6 hole10

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