Server & IT


We deliver products for the Server & IT industry. Discover our wide range of products for the Server & IT industry. We are experts in the field and offer a comprehensive collection of high-quality server and IT solutions. 

Our data, server and /or network cabinets are designed to secure and protect your valuable equipment, with robust materials and security features that guarantee maximum protection. Our range of UPS units provide reliable backup power to your servers and network devices, ensuring your business continues to operate even in the event of a power outage. 

To optimize the performance of your IT infrastructure, we also offer high-quality power supplies that deliver clean and stable power to your devices. Our switches are designed to handle large amounts of data transfer with high speed and security, enabling smooth communication between your network devices. 

Whether you need to build or upgrade your server and IT infrastructure, you can rely on us to deliver reliable products that meet your specific needs.


We have everything from Data cabinets, EMC cable glands, UPS, Nätaggaregat, Switchar and Brush Entry Frames

Produkter för Server-IT

Computer cabinet for Effective Data Protection and Storage for Server IT

With our full respect for the sustainability and compatibility philosophy, the E NUX cabinet series can be integrated with a range of specific accessories to transform into a data cabinet according to your needs.

Our 19" components, fully compatible with E NUX create the necessary complement of the cabinets:

  • full or partial height 19" rack frames with modular concept
  • 19" rack uprights
  • Rack frames
  • Fixed or removable shelves
  • Solid or punched 19" rack panels
  • Accessories for ventilation
  • PDU and further accessories 
  • Rack boxes available
Apparatskåp ENUX

UPS - Security solutions for Uninterruptible Power Supply

With our popular Uninterruptible Power Supply, UPS, you get a reliable and efficient solution for energy management. Our DIN rail mounting UPS modules are designed to complement and enhance your existing power management system. Perfect for your Server-IT application.

Power supply for reliable power source

PSU (Power Supply Unit) – Powerful and reliable power supply for your needs. Looking for a reliable and powerful power supply to power your electronic devices? Then our PSUs for DIN profile mounting are the perfect choice for you. With their advanced features and outstanding performance, they will give you the necessary power to keep your devices running.

Switches for Optimal Network Management

Ethernet Switches are the ultimate solution for your network with their impressive features and benefits. These switches support IEEE802.3x full/half-duplex and auto-MDI/MDI-X, giving you a stable and reliable connection.

Brush strip and cable entries for data cables within SERVER-IT Applications

Do you need a reliable solution to keep dust and larger particles away? Then you don't have to look any further than our brush bushings. Our brush seals are designed to reduce airflow and prevent unwanted debris from entering.
With our professional brush grommets, we guarantee that your cables are properly protected from possible damage. Use C-Pro's brush strips and entries in your Server-IT application

Apparatskåp & Kapslingar i lackerad stålplåt

Cabinets & BoxeS

We have a large selection of automation cabinets & boxes. An automation cabinet has the task of controlling electrical installations and protecting the contents against dirt and water. In the assortment, we have everything from small compact junction boxes up to large electrical cabinets & control cabinets in several different materials. Which material to choose depends on where and how your enclosure will be used.

Grounding & EMS solutions

Grounding & EMC

Our Grounding & EMC solutions are designed to provide reliable protection for your valuable applications. A protection against conductive disturbances and field disturbances. Our range includes a variety of EMC solutions with different mounting options that cater for all types of cables. The ground rails and ground braids from C-Pro are designed to provide a secure ground connection.

Cable entry systems

Cable entry systems

Introducing our range of Cable Entries- the ultimate solution for your cable management needs! Our cable entries are designed to give you the highest possible protection, safety and efficiency. With a variety of cable glands to choose from, you will easily find the right product for your specific requirements. Our range includes traditional cable glands, multi flanges and cable gland plates.

Cable ducts from C-Pro AB

Cable Ducts

Our slotted and solid cable ducts are here to help you stay organized! They help you sort and organize cables in a neat and efficient way with our ducts. As the market requires different ducts depending on the area of ​​use, we offer a number of different brands. Our assortment includes both completely solid and slotted cable ducts in PVC and halogen-free designs that meet various approvals according to your needs.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning

Air conditioning from C-Pro! Introducing innovative air conditioning solutions from C-Pro – your one-stop solution for all your cabinet cooling needs! Products that include: Filter fans, Heating elements, Cooling units, Industrial coolers and Heat exchangers, are designed to help you maintain the optimal temperature in your electrical cabinet. Even when there are significant temperature differences between the outdoor environment and the inside of the cabinet.

Manöverdon från C-Pro AB


Get ready to experience high-quality and reliable automation with our range of control untis from Schlegel! Our German supplier offers a comprehensive range of push buttons, emergency stops, contact blocks and bus systems that can meet all your automation needs. With our control units, you can easily control your machines and processes with just one push of a button.



Get the job done right with Products for Mounting from C-Pro! Our reliable products are designed to last. This guarantees you a high-quality and professional installation. With our expertise and experience, we can offer the best products for your specific needs. With our reliable assembly products, you can be sure of a long service life.


Conduits Cable Protection

Conduits and cable protection - Keep your cables safe and protected! Have you ever thought about how fragile the cables that deliver the power can be? If they are unprotected, they are subjected to extreme stress, which can lead to cracks, breaks and short circuits. This is where our Conuduits and Cable Protection come into play. A wide range of Conduits, Expandable Slevings and Spiral Conduits

Power Supply Units


Are you looking for a power supply solution that guarantees reliability and efficiency for your electronic systems? Our power supplies / PSUs for DIN-Rail mounting are the optimal solution. They are tailored to meet the demands of the most demanding environments, where reliability cannot be compromised. Our Ethernet Switches offer superior performance for your network.



Are you looking for the perfect tools to complement your cable ducts, DIN rails and Icotek cable glands? Look no further than our extensive selection of tools. Our DIN rail cutter is a must for all projects. With its durable construction and easy-to-use design, you'll wonder how you ever did without it. Also, don't forget our Cable Duct Cutter, Cable Duct Scissors, Conduit Cutter, Slott cutter and our Punch Tools.