PTC Heater / SL

Cabinet heater with heating fan, 230W-650W, 230V


PTC Heaters / SL includes four types of Cabinet Heaters with capacities: 250, 350, 500 and 650W at 20°C. They are designed to fit in the same compact housing. This simplifies the cabinet design and makes it easy to expand the capacity. The robust, high temperature resistant enclosure measures only 86mm x 100mm x 105mm (W x H x D). Our PTC Heaters / SL are equipped with two individual heating circuits and a strong heating fan to ensure the optimal temperature in the electrical cabinet and to also minimize moisture formation. The element has an integrated temperature monitor that shuts down in case of fan failure and to prevent overheating.


  • Capacity: 250, 350, 500 and 350W
  • Size: 86 mm x 100 mm x 105 mm (W x H x D)
  • Connection: Terminal
  • Weight: 0,72kg
  • Output power at 20 °: See effect


SL250250W | 230V | PTC-Värmeelement med fläkt.pdf
SL350350W | 230V | PTC-Värmeelement med fläkt.pdf
SL500500W | 230V |PTC-Värmeelement med fläkt.pdf
SL650650W | 230V | PTC-Värmeelement med fläkt.pdf
SL250/115V250W | 115V | PTC-Värmeelement med fläkt.pdf
SL350/115V350W | 115V | PTC-Värmeelement med fläkt.pdf
SL500/115V500W | 115V | PTC-Värmeelement med fläkt.pdf
SL650/115V650W | 115V | PTC-Värmeelement med fläkt.pdf

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