Cable Ties / SEL

Our standard polyamide cable ties


Cable ties / SEL are made of self-extinguishing polyamide 6.6 (UL94:V2). They consist of a body with an internal rack with smooth rounded edges and a square head with a polyamide clamping tooth. The product comes in a wide range of sizes to meet all application needs, with tensile strengths in the range:
80N / 8kg – 980N / 98kg

Selfit standard cable ties can be applied by hand or with a cable tie tightening tool.


  • Brand: SapiSelco
  • Certifikat: CE, UL, CSA, IMQ, BUREU VERITAS, VDE
  • Material: Polyamide
  • Color: Black, Transparent

Article number

Art.Nr Transp.Art.Nr BlackWidthLengthDescriptionPc
SEL2202SEL32022.5100Cable Ties100
SEL2203SEL32032.5135Cable Ties100
SEL2204SEL32042.5160Cable Ties100
SEL2205SEL32052.5200Cable Ties100
SEL2210SEL32103.5140Cable Ties100
SEL2211SEL32113.5200Cable Ties100
SEL2212SEL32123.5280Cable Ties100
SEL2214SEL32143.5360Cable Ties100
SEL2221SEL32214.5160Cable Ties100
SEL2222SEL32224.5180Cable Ties100
SEL2223SEL32234.5200Cable Ties100
SEL2224SEL32244.5250Cable Ties100
SEL2425SEL34254.5280Cable Ties100
SEL2426SEL34264.5360Cable Ties100
SEL2427SEL34274.5380Cable Ties100
SEL2428SEL34284.5430Cable Ties100
SEL2430SEL34307.5180Cable Ties100
SEL2431SEL34317.5200Cable Ties100
SEL2432SEL34327.5240Cable Ties100
SEL2433SEL34337.5280Cable Ties100
SEL2434SEL34347.5360Cable Ties100
SEL2435SEL34357.5450Cable Ties100
SEL2436SEL34367.5500Cable Ties100
SEL2437SEL34377.5540Cable Ties100
SEL2451SEL345112.5500Cable Ties100
SEL2452SEL345212.5750Cable Ties100

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