Mounting & Assembly

Customize your box


Montering – Anpassa din kapsling. Våra standardhöljen inkluderar en sömlös packning av polyuretanskum. När speciell temperatur eller kemisk resistens krävs, installerar vi silikontätningar. För att minska penetrationen av elektromagnetiska vågor kan vi utrusta våra kapslingar med EMC-packningar.

If necessary, we test the entire product in our internal laboratory. According to your specification, we test the IP protection class (water and dust), corrosion resistance or carry out impact tests. Together we play it safe!

Take advantage of our large range of accessories and leave the entire assembly and equipment of your cabinets to us.

We install the following components

  • Terminal Blocks
  • Cable entry systems
  • Membrane keyboards and decorative foils
  • Pressure compensation element
  • Threaded bushings
  • Threaded bushings
  • Gaskets
  • Battery compartment
  • DIN rails
  • Mounting plates
  • Connections
  • Distance bolts
  • Earthing contacts
  • Fixing of windows and screens
  • Tested assembly of included components
  • Additional attachment options according to your specification
  • Assembly and installation of specified cable systems
  • Once all components have been installed, we can assist further with cables to your specification or fit supplied circuit boards


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