Cabinet / EMOX X

Stainless steel Cabinet with welded end plates, IP66, AISI304L


Cabinet / EMOX X in stainless steel is a fully welded cabinet with removable back panel and accompanying mounting plate. Supplied in 15 standard dimensions with single or double blank door. EMOX X offers features such as silicone sealing, door made of stainless steel with shaped corners and handles.

The EMOX X has a structure made of 1.5 mm thick AISI304L stainless steel sheet with removable back panel (AISI 316L on request). Door made of AISI304L stainless steel sheet with stiffening frame (AISI 316L on request).

  • Front-mounted mounting plate made of 2.5 mm thick galvanized steel sheet..
  • Hinges in AISl316L stainless steel.


  • IP66 (single blank door), IP55 plexiglass and double door) in accordance with IEC EN62208; EN62262
  • NEMA 12 complies with UL508A; UL50 *
  • Level of protection guaranteed by two-component silicone foam seal
  • Impact resistance IK10 according to IEC EN62208; EN62262

Article number

EMOX-061604PRX6001609414Single door1
EMOX-061804PRX6001809414Single door1
EMOX-061805PRX6001809514Single door1
EMOX-062004PRX6002009414Single door1
EMOX-062005PRX6002009514Single door1
EMOX-081604PRX8001609414Single door1
EMOX-081804PRX8001809414Single door1
EMOX-081805PRX8001809514Single door1
EMOX-082004PRX8002009414Single door1
EMOX-082005PRX8002009514Single door1
EMOX-101804PRX10001809414Single door1
EMOX-102004PRX10002009414Single door1
EMOX-121804PRX12001809414Double door1
EMOX-121805PRX12001809514Double door1
EMOX-122004PRX12002009414Double door1



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