Box / ECOR X

Stainless steel Box for wall mounting, IP66, AISI304L


Box / ECOR X has a fully welded enclosure without cable entry and is supplied with a mounting plate. They are available in 22 standard dimensions with blank door, 6 standard dimensions with plexiglass door and many accessories (wall bracket, inner door, module kit and plinth which are delivered separately).
ECOR X has door with shaped corners made of 1.5 mm thick AISI 3O4L stainless steel sheet (AISI 316L on request). Flat mounting plate made of 2.5 mm thick galvanized sheet with slots in the corners. Hinges in stainless steel.

Delivered with:

  • Mounting plate
  • Door with locking system (drawer and insert in zinc alloy, stainless steel lever) with 0 3mm double bar wrench
  • Packaging with screws for earth connection and mounting plate.


  • AISI 3O4L (AISI 316L on request)
  • IP66 compliant with IEC EN62208; EN62262 (IP55 double door)
  • NEMA 4X meets UL5O8A; UL5O level of protection guaranteed by two-component silicone foam seal *
  • Impact resistance IK1O that complies with IEC EN622O8; EN62262

Article number

ECOR2-315X2505727200300150Single door | MP.stp
ECOR3-315X2505728300300150Single door | MP.stp
ECOR3-415X2505729300400150Single door | MP.stp
ECOR3-420X2505730300400200Single door | MP.stp
ECOR4-315X2505731400300150Single door | MP.stp
ECOR4-420X2505732400400200Single door | MP.stp
ECOR4-425X2505733400400250Single door | MP.stp
ECOR4-520X2505734400500200Single door | MP.stp
ECOR4-620X2505735400600200Single door | MP.stp
ECOR4-625X2505736400600200Single door | MP.stp
ECOR5-520X2505737500500200Single door | MP.stp
ECOR5-525X2505738500500250Single door | MP.stp
ECOR5-720X2505740500700200Single door | MP.stp
ECOR5-725X2505741500700250Single door | MP.stp
ECOR6-1230X25057426001200300Single door | MP.stp
ECOR6-420X2505743600400200Single door | MP.stp
ECOR6-620X2505744600600200Single door | MP.stp
ECOR6-625X2505745600600250Single door | MP.stp
ECOR6-630X2505746600600300Single door | MP.stp
ECOR6-820X2505747600800200Single door | MP.stp
ECOR6-825X2505748600800250Single door | MP.stp
ECOR6-830X2505749600800300Single door | MP.stp
ECOR8-1030X25057528001000300Single door | MP.stp
ECOR8-1230X25057508001200300Single door | MP.stp
ECOR8-830X2505751800800300Single door | MP.stp
ECOR10-1030X250575310001000300Dubbeldörr MP | 3PL.stp
ECOR10-1230X250575410001200300Dubbeldörr MP | 3PL.stp

MP=Mounting plate 3PL=Three-point lock



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