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We can finally present ENUX Nordic – Automation Cabinets with punched FL21 outputs in our market-adapted program of Automation Cabinets for property automation in the Nordics. The appliance cabinet is delivered with a blank door, back panel, handle and a removable roof with punched-out FL21 outputs. For a complete cabinet, side panels, side-mounted mounting plate and plinth are also required.


Of course, other accessories are also available, such as joining kits, door stops, door rails and much more!

ENUX Nordic - Apparatskåp med utstansade FL21-utgångar i tak

Now in stock - ENUX Nordic - Automation Cabinet

Cabinet / ENUX


We introduce Cabinet / ENUX Nordic, a mounted device cabinet for automation. The cabinet has a blank front door and back panel made of high-strength sheet steel and punched FL21 outputs in the ceiling. ENUX Nordic is made in Italy with design and cutting-edge technology and quality features. Designed to improve functionality, protection and versatility.

The ENUX Nordic control cabinet is designed to improve functionality and provide optimal protection.

An indispensable component in property automation

Automation Cabinets is an indispensable component in building automation, effectively protecting and housing the electronic components and systems critical to controlling and monitoring buildings. Their use enables the safe and energy-efficient operation of properties, with the help of innovative solutions such as multi flanges for improved connectivity and function.

We explore important characteristics of enux nordic enclosures with punched-out FL21 outputs in the ceiling, their different types and areas of use.

Types of Automation cabinets and their areas of use

The ENUX X-serie offers a wide range of freestanding stainless steel automation cabinets, available in 30 standard dimensions with single or double doors. Available in the materials AISI304L and AISI316L, these cabinets are characterized by a unique, fully welded and seamless profile for frames and crossbars. The bottom part is made from a single piece with a box-like structure, where the corners of the frame are made of AISI316L. The ENUX X cabinets offer technical features such as silicone sealing, stainless steel doors with shaped corners, stainless steel components and new packaging.

To complement these cabinets, there is a wide range of accessories, including front-mounted mounting plates, side panels and modular outlets. The ENUX X cabinets have protection class IP55 according to IEC EN62208; EN62262 and impact resistance IK10 according to IEC EN62208; EN62262, making them suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Enux Nordic is a series of enclosures with removable flanges and prominent FL-21 sockets, available in several sizes and with IP55 protection. These cabinets are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and are available in the color RAL7035. They are designed for mounting electrical and electronic equipment and are suitable for a variety of applications. Accessories such as cable glands, multi-flanges, split cable glands, cable inserts and cable gland plates, along with brush bushings, filter fans, PTC heaters, controllers, cooling units, heat exchangers, and fan motors, further enhance the adaptability and functionality of these cabinets.