Customization and Processing

For example, we offer hole punching, special painting, silk printing and completely unique design ideas for everything from small junction boxes to large floor cabinets. To save time for our customers, we also offer cutting and drilling of DIN-profiles, bus bars and cable ducts.

For a long time, we have worked with customer-unique solutions to meet our customers demands and needs. Sometimes a small change to the product is required, and at other times a completely new concept.

Customization and Processing

C-PRO Customer references on customized products:

Customization and processing2

Botek Systems AB

We at Botek Systems AB buy customized polyester enclosures, which C-PRO helped us develop. I am very satisfied with the service and highly recommend C-PRO's customized solutions.
- Bo Blomdahl, Botek Systems

Customization and processing3

Centralsystem i Falkenberg AB

We at Centralsystem i Falkenberg AB, have long since chosen to buy C-PRO's measurement- and hole-adapted DIN-rails for our switchboards. Since the start, we have been satisfied with the rails and C-PRO's good customer service.
- Mikael Kuczera, Centralsystem i Falkenberg

Cunstomization and processing4

Aplicator System AB

We at Aplicator System AB require a range of products and services that promote quality, flexibility and profitability. C-PRO helped us develop customized enclosures and proved to us that they meet our requirements, which was the deciding factor when we chose C-PRO as a supplier.
- Glenn Andreasson, Aplicator System