Conduit ECOLINE - Biodegradable polyamide - C-Pro

Skyddslang ECOLINE erbjuder en banbrytande lösning för att skydda kablage och samtidigt minimera miljöpåverkan.

What is Conduit ECOLINE?

This Conduit from INTERFLEX is made of biodegradable polyamide (PA6) and has the same technical quality as traditional PA6 alternatives. With sustainability in focus, this range ensures that the cables remain safe while reducing the long-term environmental impact. 

Our new Conduit ECOLINE strikes the perfect balance between functionality and environmental awareness, making them a perfect choice for those looking for both reliable protection and sustainability benefits. Upgrade to ECOLINE and embrace a greener future without compromising quality.

Conduit ECOLINE - Biodegradable polyamide - C-Pro
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Advantages of Conduit ECOLINE

The most notable aspect of the ECOLINE range of NYLOFIX is its holistic approach to sustainability. From the choice of raw materials to the management of the final waste, every step of the product's life cycle has been carefully considered to ensure minimal environmental impact and a more promising future for future generations.

Sustainability benefits

Traditional recycling

Once the product is buried in landfill, it begins to decompose producing fertilizer and thus contributes to the reduction of non-biodegradable waste. It is estimated that biodegradable polyamide 6 will have completely disappeared after 3 years, compared to an average of 50 years for standard polyamide 6.

Natural biodegradation

There is one last possibility, and that is not to handle the waste. That is, the product is abandoned and does not go through the normal collection process. In this aerobic situation, if the product comes into contact with organic soil, it will begin a rapid decomposition process. The process is approx. 13 times faster than regular polyamide 6.

Areas of use

The current AGT hose is one of the most popular hoses from us. Consequently, it is this series that will replace the conventional polyamide, for a biodegradable version. An enormous number of tests have been carried out to ensure that the quality and technical characteristics of the hose remain unchanged.

Flexible Conduit / AGT suitable for:
Machine building, Automation, Renewable energi installations, Construction and Railway industri


  • Brand: Interflex
  • Material: Made of specially modified polyamide (PA6)
    Special patented profile for the ORJ o-ring to give a higher IP class.
    Free from halogen, phosphorus and cadmium.
    Self-extinguishing (V2 according to UL94)
  • Temperature range: -40ºC to + 105ºC (150ºC short time), UV resistant (black color)
  • Colors: Dark gray and Black

Biodegradable polyamide

If the product comes into contact with organic soil, it will begin a rapid degradation process, approximately 13 times faster than conventional polyamide 6 (according to ISO 17556).

This fact means a significant reduction of microplastics, since there is a short time between its generation and its disappearance. As an additional feature, the decomposition process converts part of the product's mass into nitrogen, which contributes to fertilizing the surrounding ecosystem.

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