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Best-selling conduit whitin solar cell installations

Our best-selling conduit AGT is the ultimate solution for protecting your cabling in solar applications. 

The conduit offers a multitude of unbeatable benefits:
1. Safety and durability: Made of specially modified polyamide, a UV stabilized 
material that shields against adverse weather conditions and wide temperature variations.
2. Flexibility and easy installation: Our AGT-12 conduit (Ø12,2 mm) can accommodate two 4 mm² cables, 
resulting in a smaller conduit compared to other brands on the market.
Thanks to our patented quick-fitting, a simple installation is possible without tools.
3. Fire safety: The AGT conduit is self-extinguishing (V2 acc. to UL94).
4. Environmentally friendly: Completely free from halogens, phosphorus, and cadmium.
5. Competetive: Extremely competitive pricing!
Contact us for more information on how the AGT conduit can optimize your solar panel installation and provide you with a reliable and sustainable solution. We also offer a sample free of charge!

AGT specification