FL21 Multi-flange / HTC

Steel-reinforced rubber, IP65


FL21 Multiflange / HTC with membrane bushings.
The flanges have a steel core that provides stability and high IP class.
Each FL21 flange comes with 4h expandernit.

To guarantee IP65 for outdoor use, use a screw and nut.


  • Material: Plastic TPE-SEPS (halogen free)
  • Color: Grey RAL 7035
  • Working temp.: -40° till 130°C
  • IP Class: IP55 with HTC rivet, IP65 with screw and nut


HTC-0E2600011Solid flange10.pdf
HTC-3E26746242×24-54, 1×30-59 3×6-1410.pdf
HTC-16E26746251x dia.40, 15x dia.2010.pdf
HTC-17E26746269×18-30 el. 9×10-14, 4×10-15, 4×5-1010.pdf
HTC-25E26746271×20-26 el. 12×15, 16×8-14 el. 7-10, 4×14-20 el. 5-10, 4 5-710.pdf
HTC-28E260001218×6-13, 6×13-28, 4×3-1110.pdf
HTC-35E26746281×17-32, 2×12-18, 16×10-14, 12×7-12, 4×6-1010.pdf
HTC-36E26000134×4-8, 4×6-10, 11×7-11, 14×10-14, 2×12-18, 1X17-3210.pdf
HTC-43E26000144×4-10,5, 38×7-12,5, 1×14-27,510.pdf
HTC-50E267462949×7-13, 1×15-2510.pdf
HTC-nitFlange rivet for HTC flange4

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