Cable Ties / CLT

Openable and reusable


Cable ties / CLT are cheap, openable and reusable. The cable ties are suitable for light loads of up to 5 kg / daN.
The double locking makes it possible to secure two cable packages. The body is completely rounded to eliminate all sharp edges and constitutes a guaranteed safe application around the cables.


  • Brand: SapiSelco
  • Color: Red RAL3000

Article number

CLT.10.2110R3.5120Cable Ties, openable100
CLT.10.2116R3.8240Cable Ties, openable100
CLT.10.2129R4.4320Cable Ties, openable100
CLT.10.2149R5.6500Cable Ties, openable100
CLT.10.21575.6650Cable Ties, openable100

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