Cable duct UNEX / HF

Halogen-free cable duct, PC-U43X


Cable duct UNEX / HF halogen-free in the PC mixture U43X. Easy to install and with a unique finish, it has no uneven edges. The duct has undergone a number of tests and has most certificates to meet the requirements and more.

  • We make cuts and adjustments according to your wishes!


  • Brand: UNEX
  • Approvals: CE, UL, CSA, N, NF, VDE, Bureau Veritas, Germanisher Loyd, FSR (Russia)
  • Material: PC mixture U43X
  • Color: Grey RAL 7035
  • Length: 2000 mm
  • WorkingTemp.: -45°C – 90°C
  • Technical specification

Article number

2025HF25.20.88299049620252000Cable duct Unex, HF30
2040HF40.20.88299000420422000Cable duct Unex, HF36
3030HF30.30.88299000330302000Cable duct Unex, HF30
3040HF40.30.88299000030422000Cable duct Unex, HF24
4040HF40.40.88299000143422000Cable duct Unex, HF16
6040HF40.60.88299000260432000Cable duct Unex, HF12
3060HF60.30.88299000530602000Cable duct Unex, HF18
4060HF60.40.88299000643602000Cable duct Unex, HF16
6060HF60.60.88299000760602000Cable duct Unex, HF16
8060HF60.80.88299000880602000Cable duct Unex, HF16
12060HF60.120.882990010120602000Cable duct Unex, HF6
3080HF80.30.88299001130802000Cable duct Unex, HF14
4080HF80.40.88299001243802000Cable duct Unex, HF12
6080HF80.60.88299001360802000Cable duct Unex, HF12
8080HF80.80.88299001480802000Cable duct Unex, HF12
10080HF80.100.882990015100802000Cable duct Unex, HF6
12080HF80.120.882990016120802000Cable duct Unex, HF6
60100HF100.60.882990018601002000Cable duct Unex, HF8
80100HF100.80.882990019801002000Cable duct Unex, HF8
100100HF100.100.8829900341001002000Cable duct Unex, HF4



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