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INTERFLEX, S.L. was founded in 1967, and has pioneered the introduction of products designed for the fixation and protection of electrical wires in Spain. Nowadays, our action field also includes the management, connexion and identification of cables.
The initial protective conduit range has been enlarged and improved in such a way that nowadays our metal and PVC flexible conduits are well known and valued in the electrical sector, having a stand out place in Spain.
Since our beginning, we have been incorporating all those products that could complement our product range in the conduit sector: multipole connectors, industrial plugs, fish tapes, cable ties, wire identification systems, enclosures, cable carriers, tools, wire terminals,…All these products are from foreign companies with a wide and accredited experience.
Our aim is to enlarge our manufactured product range brought us to our own MULTIVIA cable management system, with sheet-steel and wire-mesh cable trays with their respective accessories.
The will to bring advanced solutions in cable protection brought to light 15 years ago the introduction in Spain of a completely new cable protection system with polyamide conduits and accessories that nowadays is completely established in the market. The acquired technical experience and the deep knowledge of the market needs allowed us to develop and manufacture our own NYLOFIX system which includes a whole range of conduits, accessories and complements for the electrical cable protection.

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