Wall cabinet with FL21 outputs & Cabinet lighting

Wall cabinets with FL21 outputs & Cabinet lighting, ECOR Nordic with pre-punched FL21 holes in the ceiling are purchased together with our multi flanges & cabinet lighting. Contact us for a package offer!

E-COR Nordic For the Nordic Market
Wall cabinet / ECOR Nordic

Wall cabinet | ECOR Nordic

Our market-adapted program of painted wall cabinets with pre-punched FL21 holes in the ceiling. ECOR Nordic is offered in sizes from 800×800 up to 1400×1400

Cable Entry Plates & Multi Flanges

Multi Flanges | HTC

In combination with our multiflanges HTC-50, you can connect up to 250 pcs. cables to one and the same cabinet up to IP65. Each FL21 flange comes with 4 pcs. expander rivets.

Cabinet lighting

Automation Cabinet lighting | SE

Our LED lights are available in different versions depending on voltage requirements and how you want it to activate (IR sensor or switch). All have both screw and magnetic fasteners.