Cable marking / PM

Oval marking profile för marking


Cable marking / PM is a transparent cable marking holder for Partex labels and marking profile.


  • Brand: PARTEX
  • Performance: Sign holder for cable marking that is mounted with cable ties
  • Material: PVC
  • Color: Trasparant
  • Temperature range: -30oC till +60oC
  • Durability: Flambeständig UL94-V0 @ 3mm,
    Chemical resistance as well as temperature and aging resistance meet Partex testing program
  • Fastener: PKB


TypeSuitable forPc
PM-10033PF-10, PP+046100
PM-20033PF-20, PP+090, PL090100
PM-20045PF-20, PP+090, PL09050
PM-20066PF-20, PP+090, PL090100
PM-24033PF-20, PP+090, PL090, PL120, PFC09518100
PM-24066PF-20, PP+090, PL090, PL120, PFC09518100

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