Cable duct cover UNEX / COV HF

Cover for UNEX cable duct


Cable duct cover UNEX / COV HF for halogen-free cable ducts. The covers are free of burrs and sharp edges. Assembly is easy and smooth due to UNEX's "unique" design. In the horizontal position, the fingers of the cable ducts do not bend and the cover does not fall off. In vertical position, the cover does not slide off.


  • Brand: UNEX
  • Approvals: CE, UL, CSA, N, NF, VDE, Bureau Veritas, Germanisher Loyd, FSR(Russia)
  • Material: PC mix UN43X
  • Color: Grey RAL 7035
  • Length: 2000 mm
  • Working Temp.: -45°C – 90°C
  • Technical specification

Article number

COV30HFT-30.88299017730Cover for Unex cable duct (HF)10
COV40HFT-40.88299017943Cover for Unex cable duct (HF)10
COV60HFT-60.88299018160Cover for Unex cable duct (HF)10
COV80HFT-80.88299018380Cover for Unex cable duct (HF)4
COV100HFT-100.882990185100Cover for Unex cable duct (HF)4
COV120HFT-120.882990187120Cover for Unex cable duct (HF)4

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