Introducing MBI-BLACK

Introducing MBI-BLACK

The MBI-BLACK boxes are the perfect combination of discreet presence, modern design and technical performance. Thanks to its all-black design, the boxes integrate seamlessly into industrial environments and enable discreet, almost invisible installation in various application areas.


Thanks to their entirely black design, the enclosures integrate seamlessly into industrial environments and enable discreet, almost invisible installation in various application areas:

  • Factory halls & ceiling installations
  • Renewable energies
  • Switch cabinets, control boxes & power distribution systems
  • Camera systems & alarm systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Shaft & underfloor installations
  • Speaker & warning systems
  • Ventilation & air conditioning systems


MB stands for MULTI-BOX and “I” for" Intelligent. Industrial. Installation ". ◼️ MBI-BLACK ◼️ boxes meet high technical requirements of industrial installation technology confidently and reliable.

To meet the diverse requirements of your projects, base parts are optionally available with metric pre-formed knockouts or plain side walls . They can be combined with black or transparent cover.


  • Systematic focus on requirements in industrial installations
  • Perfect for hidden installations
  • Suitable for use in industrial and outdoor applications
  • Low weight despite high stability
  • Box bases with metric pre-formed knockouts or plain side walls
  • Individual side designs with special mould inserts
  • Corrosion-free plastic cover screws
  • Variety of fastening points in the base of the boxes
  • Various fastening options on walls or machines
  • Completely recyclable 🌱


To extend the function of the enclosures and maintain the look, we offer various black accessories for ◼️MBI-BLACK.