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Tools to make your work easier

We offer simple and flexible tools that make your work easier. A complement to our cable ducts, DIN rails, conduits and cable glands. Simply everything you need to be able to cut, cut, fasten and punch!

Cable duct cutter

Cable duct cutter

Cut cable ducts and covers (max. 125 mm width).

Cable duct cutter SX-10

Cable duct cutter

Cut cable ducts and covers. Replacement blades and plates are offered when worn

Slott cutter / 7882 from C-Pro

slott cutter

Cut out the cable duct slots, either partially or all the way down to the bottom

DIN Rail Cutter from C-Pro

DIN rail cutter

Cut DIN rails, bus bars and terminal rails with burr-free straight cuts.

Conduit cutter from C-Pro

Conduit cutter

Cut corrugated conduits. Cutting range from 1 - 52 mm.

Rivet tool / RT4|RT6 from C-Pro

Rivet tool

Mount our 4 mm and 6 mm fastening rivets on cable ducts.

Hydraulic tools

Hand hydraulic punch driver

Punch holes in stainless steel, painted sheet steel, aluminum and plastic with max. material thickness 3 mm (stainless steel: 2 mm).

Punches round knockout

Metric punches

Self-centered punches that fits our hydraulic tool.

Punches rectangular & square knockout

Rectangular punches

Rectangular and square punches that fits our hydraulic tool.