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Summer sale on Cabinet ligting

Get ready to light up your cabinets like never before with our LED lighting for automation cabinets!

Summer sale on automation cabinet lighting. Now, for a limited time, we are offering a promotional price on our best-selling LED lighting fixtures. With impressive color rendering and long life, you won't find a better deal on LED lighting for your automation cabinet, electrical cabinet, control cabinet or enclosure

Choose from different versions to suit your voltage requirements and actuation preferences, and enjoy easy installation with screws or magnets. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to light up your cabinets with energy-efficient LED lighting at an unbeatable price. This summer sale on cabinet lighting won't last forever, so act fast and upgrade your cabinets today.

Here is our Summer Sale in Cabinet lighting

Cabinet lighting LED / SE4076

Cabinet Lighting | SE4076

Screw and magnetic mount with motion sensor. 230V AC, 700 Lm.

Cabinet lighting LED / SE4000

Cabinet Lighting | SE4000

Screw and magnetic mount with motion sensor. 24-265V AC/DC, 400 Lm.

Appliance enclosure lighting LED / SE4010

Cabinet Lighting | SE4100

Screw and magnetic mount and switch. 24-265V AC/DC, 400 Lm.

Daisy Chain Cable

Power supply cable | SE4712

Power supply cable for the luminaires. Available in orange and white, 3m long.