Wall cabinet / ECOR Nordic


Punched FL21 outputs, RAL7035


Wall cabinet / ECOR Nordic is a double-painted wall cabinet with punched FL21 outputs.
The wide range of wall cabinets in the ECOR Nordic series offers the right solution in terms of quality and added value.

Delivered with:

  • Mounting plate and door
  • Vertical profiles for mounting accessories
  • Can be supplemented with additional items:
    • Inner door
    • Modular kit
    • Base for free-standing mounting
    • Brackets for wall mounting.
  • Additional accessories can complement your final solution:
    • Microperforated mounting plates
    • Rain cover or stand mount for outdoor installation
    • Different versions of cable entry plates (glossy, louvered or FL13 / FL21 flanges).


  • Cabinet and door made of 1.5 mm thick steel sheet
  • Door equipped with locking system with 0.3 mm double bar wrench
  • Mounting plate made of 2.5 mm thick galvanized plate
  • ETA standard powder coating in epoxy polyester
  • Cabinet and door: color RAL 7035 textured finish
  • Cable entry plate with sealing gasket
  • Screws for earth connection and mounting accessories
  • IP66 compliant with IEC EN62208; EN62262 (IP55 double door)
  • NEMA 4 complies with UL5O8A; UL5O
  • Degree of protection guaranteed by two-component polyurethane foam
  • Impact resistance IK1O that complies with IEC EN622O8; EN62262

Article number Single door

MP = Mounting plate

EC080830FL21_3800800300MP | 3 pc FL21 holes
EC081030FL21_38001000300MP | 3 pc FL21 holes

Article number double door

MP = Mounting plate
3PL = Three-point lock

EC101030FL21_410001000300MP|3PL| 4 FL21 holes
EC101230FL21_410001200300MP|3PL| 4 FL21 holes
EC101430FL21_410001400300MP|3PL| 4 FL21 holes
EC121230FL21_412001200300MP|3PL| 4 FL21 holes
EC121430FL21_412001400300MP|3PL| 4 FL21 holes
EC141430FL21_514001400300MP|3PL| 5 FL21 holes