Stainless steel protective grille / KB


For LV filter fan and GV exhaust filter


Stainless steel protective grille / KB for outdoor use with filter fan LV and / or Exhaust filter GV.
Weather and corrosion resistant in stainless steel. Vandal-protected solution for better protection.

  • No screws outside the frame
  • Mounting from the inside
  • With gaskets and accessories


Material: Stainless steel
Fits: Filter fans LV / Exhaust filter GV

Article number
KB100110 x 110 x 7 to LV/GV1001Here
KB200135 x 135 x 7 to LV/GV2001Here
KB250154 x 154 x 8 to LV/GV2501Here
KB300210 x 210 x 8 to LV/GV3001Here
KB400255 x 255 x 8 to LV/GV400/5001Here
KB600328 x 328 x 8 to LV/GV600/7001Here