Marking system / Slöman

Our patented marking system for cable ducts


Marking system / Slöman is our own patented system for marking components. Thanks to a quick and easy assembly, it is an extremely popular product and has been for many years.
Of course, they are designed to fit our halogen-free cable ducts just as the original SLÖMAN fits our IBOCO cable ducts!


Brand: C-PRO
Material: PVC & Halogen-free
Color: Grey RAL 7030

Article number

SlömanE2990232Holder for Marking strip100
Slöman2E2990233Holder high for Marking strip150
SlömanHFE2990497Holder for Marking strip halogen-free100
LinusE2990234Marking strip 1m100/250
Linus2E2990238Marking strip 2m25
Linus2 HFE2990498Marking strip 2m halogen-free 25
LinielE2990235Marking strip engraving 1m 50
T15E2990236Protective plastic 10