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Hand hydraulic punch and accessories


Hand hydraulic punch driver

The compact, lightweight hand-hydraulic punch drive unit makes it easy to punch holes in stainless V2A steel, mild steel, aluminum or plastic with max. plate thickness of 3 mm (V2A: 2 mm) due to its high hydraulic power. The punch driver's cylinder rotates 360 ° on 3 axes, so maximum flexibility is available even in hard-to-reach places. The punch driver can be used with all icotek's punches and also with punches from other manufacturers.

The delivery includes:

1 hand driven hydraulic punching machine
1 towing bolt ∅ 9.5 mm (3/8 ”UNF) to ∅ 19 mm (3/4” UNF), L: 105 mm
1 dragbult ∅ 19 mm (3/4 ”UNF), L: 130 mm
1 distance
1 pipe lubricant
1 HSS co-pilot drill (multi-stage drill)
1 sturdy plastic storage bag
Set PRO 16-31: 1 of each punch M16 | M20 | M25 | M32
Set PRO 16-31: 1 of each punch M16 | M20 | M25 | M32 | M40 | M50 | M63


Hydraulic foot pump

Universally usable single-stage foot pump with a fixed operating pressure of 450 bar and built-in pressure relief valve. Suitable for all icotek's round punches, rectangular and square punches. Keep your hands free to position the sheet metal punches precisely, especially when using larger sheet metal punches

The delivery includes:

1 foot pump
2.5 m high pressure conduit including quick coupling
1 hydraulic cylinder to keep round and rectangular punch
1 drawbar for rectangular punch, order no. 80209
1 drawbar for round punch (steel) M16 - M25,
Order no. 80200
1 multi-stage drill, order no. 80204
1 distance, order no. 80202
1 pipe lubricant, order no. 8020



Brand: icotek
Material: Aluminium

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