Heat exchanger Air / Water

2,25kW – 15kW


Heat exchanger air / water, cools the inner part of the cabinet with the help of an inner water-borne cooling package.
Only internal fan, which means no external maintenance of filters, etc. Available external cooling water is required.


Color: RAL7035
Voltage: 115V & 230V
Power range: 2250W-15000W

Article number

BIT 25/115V115V, 2250W B400 H270 D5421Here
BLU 18/115V115V, 1750W B398 H901 D1371Here
BLU 25/115V115V, 2500W B398 H901 D1371Here
BLU 35/115V115V, 3500W B398 H148 D1631Here
BLU 45/115V115V, 4500W B398 H1148 D1631Here
BLU A0/115V115V, 10000W B797 H1932 D2061Here
BLU A5/115V115V, 15000W B797 H1932 D2061Here
BIT 25230V, 2250W B400 H270 D5421Here
BLU 18230V, 1750W B398 H901 D1371Here
 BLU 25 –230V, 2500W B398 H901 D1371Here
 BLU 35 –230V, 3500W B398 H148 D1631Here
 BLU 45 –230V, 4500W B398 H1148 D1631Here
 BLU A0 –230V, 10000W B797 H1932 D2061Here
BLU A5 –230V, 15000W B797 H1932 D2061Here