Fan motors


14 m³/h – 178 m³/h


A selection of high quality fan motors
All fan motors have "Ball bearing" as standard.

In addition to the sizes below, there are also 40 × 40, 92 × 92, 172 × 150.

Article number

Art.NoE-numberAir flowVoltageSizeNoise levelPc
4E12B178m³/h12V DCB120 H120 D3843db1
4E24B178m³/h24V DCB120 H120 D3843db1
4E115B167m³/h115VB120 H120 D3848db1
4E230B150m³/h230VB120 H120 D3843db1
3E12B67m³/h12V DCB80 H80 D25 34db 1
3E24B67m³/h24V DCB80 H80 D25 34db 1
3E115B54m³/h115VB80 H80 D25 38db 1
3E230B46m³/h230VB80 H80 D25 34db 1
2E12B39m³/h12V DCB60 H60 D2533db1
2E24B39m³/h24V DCB60 H60 D2533db1
2E115B14m³/h115VB60 H60 D2527db1
2E230B14m³/h230VB60 H60 D2527db1