Spiral Wrap/ P

Ø3-12 mm, halogen-free


The Spiral Wrap / P is a simple but robust cable spiral.
Perfect to use from panel to door.
Easy to remove and can be reused after wiring.


Brand: IBOCO
Approvals: CE
Material: Polyethylene natural (Tranp.) Polyethylene, Self-extinguishing. (White)
Color: Transparent, white
WorkingTemp.: Max 100°C

Article number

P1Ø3 Transparent25
P2E2990097Ø6 Transparent25
P3E2990098Ø10 Transparent25
P4E2990099Ø12 Transparent10
PA1Ø3 Vit25
PA2Ø6 Vit 25
PA3Ø10 Vit 25
PA4Ø12 Vit 10