Cable duct UNEX / HF

Halogen-free cable duct, PC-U43X


Cable duct UNEX / HF halogen-free in the PC mixture U43X.
Easy to assemble and with a unique finish, it has no uneven edges.
The duct has undergone a number of tests and has most certificates to meet the requirements that exist and more.

  • We make cuts and adjustments according to your wishes!



Brand: UNEX
Approvals: CE, UL, CSA, N, NF, VDE, Bureau Veritas, Germanisher Loyd, FSR (Russia)
Material: PC-blandningU43X
Color: Grey RAL 7035
Length: 2000 mm
WorkingTemp.: -45°C – 90°C

Technical Specification

Article number

2040HF 40.20.88E2990004B20 H4236
3030HF 30.30.88E2990003B30 H3030
3040HF 40.30.88E2990000B30 H4224
4040HF 40.40.88E2990001B43 H4216
6040HF 40.60.88E2990002B60 H4312
3060HF 60.30.88E2990005B30 H6018
4060HF 60.40.88E2990006B43 H6016
6060HF 60.60.88E2990007B60 H6016
8060HF 60.80.88E2990008B80 H6016
12060HF 60.120.88E2990010B120 H606
3080HF 80.30.88E2990011B30 H8014
4080HF 80.40.88E2990012B43 H8012
6080HF 80.60.88E2990013B60 H8012
8080HF 80.80.88E2990014B80 H8012
10080HF 80.100.88E2990015B100 H806
12080HF 80.120.88E2990016B120 H806
60100HF 100.60.88E2990018 B60 H1008
80100HF 100.80.88E2990019B80 H1008
100100HF 100.100.88E2990034B100 H1004