Cable duct LICATEC / HF-L

Halogen-free cable duct, PC-ABS


Cable duct LICATEC / HF-L halogen-free cable duct in accordance with DIN EN 50085. This series is made of halogen-free plastic, in accordance with VDE 0472, part 815.
In case of fire, this material does not release any toxic gases. Temperature resistant -25 ° C up to + 90 ° C

  • We also perform cuts and adjustments according to your wishes


Brand: Licatec
Material: PC-ABS
Cover contour: 90 °
Cable retainer: "Belly" in the middle of the slit from a height of 60 mm
Color: Grey, RAL 7035

Article number

3030HF-L | 7358-1B30 H3032
2540HF-L | 7359-1B25 H4034
4040HF-L | 7361-1B40 H4026
6040HF-L | 7362-1B60 H4020
2560HF-L | 7369-1B25 H6030
4060HF-L | 7371-1B40 H6024
6060HF-L | 7372-1B60 H6018
8060HF-L | 7373-1B80 H6016
2580HF-L | 7379-1B25 H8028
4080HF-L | 7381-1B40 H8020
6080HF-L | 7382-1B60 H8018
8080HF-L | 7383-1B80 H8012
10080HF-L | 7384-1B100 H8012
12080HF-L | 7385-1B120 H808
60100HF-L | 7391-1B60 H10016
100100HF-L | 7392-1B100 H1008
40100HF-L | 7393-1B40 H10012
80100HF-L | 7394-1B80 H10010