We are a leader in the manufacture of BUNTBAND. We have always prioritized research, design and optimization in all our production processes, and differ from other manufacturers thanks to our 100% Made in Italy products and world-famous quality.

We are constantly engaged in researching and improving production, making significant investments in technology and training internal resources. Experience gained and passed on from generation to generation highlights the differences between our company and others around the world.

From the very beginning, we at Sapiselco have contributed our know-how to improve the concept Made in Italy, design and manufacture certified products with high-tech content. At SapiSelco, we take our cable ties to heart - we "even call them by name". We have adopted a special naming system for all of them.

One of our strengths as a company lies in our work centers, which guarantee the shaping of 6 billion pieces per year, carefully designed and manufactured exclusively in Italy, according to strictly high quality standards.

For 70 years, our family, the sole founders and owners of the company, have consolidated the Sapiselco brand, thanks to the perfect synthesis of passion, education and innovation.

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