Here you will find various tools that can be used for most of our products. We offer tools such as complements our cable ducts, DIN rails and Icotek cable entry system. All tools are very simple and easy to use.

Thanks to an optimal power transmission, you can easily cut DIN raisl, bus bars / terminal rails with degree-free straight cuts. The abutment and the measuring ruler (1 m) give the desired length with millimeter precision. We also make cuts and adjustments according to your wishes!
A simple and flexible scissors for cutting cable ducts and lids. We offer replacement blades and replacement plates in the event of wear.

A universal cutting tool with various accessories that allows you to cut everything from pipes to cable ducts. We offer replacement accessories in the event of wear.

With our conduit cutter, corrugated conduits is cut at a 90 ° angle. Cutting range from 0-52 mm.

Self-centered metric punches such as fits our hydraulic tool. Available in metric sizes from M16-M85.

With our cable duct cutter, you can easily cut cable ducts and covers (max. 125 mm wide) with straight and fine cuts. Lever, control guide and 1 meter long measuring ruler included. We also make cuts and adjustments according to your wishes!
Easily remove unwanted slotts on the cable duct, either partially or all the way down to the bottom of the duct.
With the riveting tool, fastening rivets are mounted on cable ducts quickly and easily.
A hand-hydraulic tool for easily punching holes in stainless steel, coated steel, aluminum and plastic with max. wall thickness 3 mm (stainless steel: 2 mm).

Rectangular and square punches that i.a. fits our hydraulic tool. Especially suitable for Icotek's cable glands.

Som komplement till flertalet av våra produkter erbjuder vi ett brett verktygssortiment för att kunna kapa, klippa, fästa och puncha.

Q & A

Can you cut all kinds of DIN Rails?

How do I cut slots in a cable duct?

  • By using our slott cutter kan du med ett enkelt ”klipp” ta bort slitsar delvis eller hela vägen ner till botten på kanalen.

How do I fasten cable ducts?

What type of punch do I need to make holes in stainless steel?

  • The compact, lightweight hand hydraulic punch drive gör det enkelt att stansa hål i rostfritt V2A-stål, lackerat stål, aluminium eller plast med max. plåttjocklek på 3 mm (V2A: 2 mm). Till verktyget väljer du en V2A-punch (framkommer i benämningen om det är en V2A-version).