Cable ducts Halogen-free with Accessories

Halogen-free cable ducts with accessories from UNEX receive the most prestigious quality label on the market as well as a variety of approvals. The cable duct is for ex. certified for applications in the railway, marine, and pharmaceutical industries.
If necessary, the cable ducts can be cut and adapted to your wishes.

Halogen-free cable duct, PC-U43X
Easily remove unwanted slotts on the cable duct, either partially or all the way down to the bottom of the duct.
With our cable duct cutter, you can easily cut cable ducts and covers (max. 125 mm wide) with straight and fine cuts. Lever, control guide and 1 meter long measuring ruler included. We also make cuts and adjustments according to your wishes!
A simple and flexible scissors for cutting cable ducts and lids. We offer replacement blades and replacement plates in the event of wear.