Can be found at C-Pro

When you need heat dissipated from a control cabinet or an enclosure, our filter fans can be used as an efficient and cheap alternative, filter fans can be found at C-Pro. The hot air is carried upwards and forced out through a filter. In this way, you create an overpressure in the cabinet and prevent dust particles from entering the cabinet.

filter fan Series LV

In many applications, filter fans form the basis for air conditioning. With the LV fans, C-PRO offers the most comprehensive series of filter fans on the market.

The LV series is available in 15 different types of performance from 15 to 930 m³ / h (free blowing). With this large power range and access to most operating voltages from 12 VDC to 400 VAC (depending on type), they are adapted to work to your specific requirements and application conditions.

Optionally, filter fans and exhaust filters can be equipped with a Z-Line filter. The Z-line filter is of filter class F5 and then achieve protection class IP55 . The IP55 version works great for outdoor use thanks to the front grille's UV resistance.

If you need even more protection, you can use our stainless steel front grilles. The stainless steel front grilles can also be used together with our stainless steel protective hoods for even more protection.



The use of the combination "filter fan and exhaust filter" is an efficient and cost-effective solution for dissipating heat from the control cabinet. The colder ambient air is filtered in the lower area of ​​the control cabinet with a filter fan and blown into the control cabinet and discharged into the upper area via an exhaust filter. The heat is dissipated to the outside of the air flow