Our products are colorful and as varied as our customers' requirements.

In principle, all our standard enclosures are available in special colors.
The benefits are obvious:

Special colors for plastic enclosures:

In our own injection production of plastic, we manufacture all cast parts from our own tools. For special colors, we either use already colored base materials or we dye natural materials by adding a very concentrated color bundle. In both cases, the material is completely colored and can be used and processed as usual. Depending on the size, a special dyeing is possible from a quantity of 500 and over.

Special colors for aluminum casings:
Depending on the order quantity and customer specifications, we can produce special aluminum paints such as powder or wet paint coatings.

Powder coating:
An electrostatic process is used for powder coating. The electrically charged powder particles adhere to the containment surface and are baked at approx. 220 ° C in a continuous oven. The pretreatment is chromium-free passivation, which significantly increases corrosion protection. Our high-quality polyester powders are UV-stable and are available in different colors, textures and gloss levels.

Wet color:
Especially for smaller series up to 50 parts, we offer special paints in wet paint based on water or solvent. Through the use of well-known paint manufacturers, we achieve good corrosion protection with this coating. Upon request and with special reference to the railway and marine technology, where target systems are prescribed, the casing can also be pre-treated with a special primer. In these cases, we ask you to send the specifications.

When requesting special colors, specify the texture, gloss and color screen in accordance with RAL, HKS or Pantone