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Liquid cooling with Chillers from C-PRO in a variety of designs. You get many opportunities for use, ranging from smaller processes to IT cooling. Is heat your most common by-product of an industrial process? If this heat is not removed, it can cause downtime. It is therefore necessary to include cooling in the design of an industrial process. C-PRO helps you eliminate heat. Choose to use our chillers.


What is and why should you choose an industrial cooler for your applications?

What is an industrial cooler?

Industrial water coolers are used in a variety of applications where cooled water or liquid is circulated through process equipment. They are characterized by an immediate response to changing load requirements, the ability to modulate their cooling capacity, high control accuracy and reliability even within the limits of their operating conditions. Industrial coolers are commonly used to cool products and machines in a variety of applications, including injection molding, machine tools, lasers, food, beverage, semiconductors and more.

Why an industrial cooler?

No industrial process, machine or engine is 100% efficient and heat is the most common by-product of these inefficiencies. Failure to remove this heat can cause downtime and even premature failure. It is therefore necessary to include cooling in the design of an industrial process in order to avoid these problems and increase its efficiency and reliability.

XShark - Software

Helps you choose

Designing a cooling system for industrial applications requires specific skills, which we have decided to make more accessible thanks to XShark, an easy-to-use cooling system design software. The specific characteristics of each project determine specific cooling needs and requirements: by entering relevant data for your application, XShark design software will process and present the most appropriate proposals. We are of course available for specific advice or support in using this free tool!

How to use XShark?

First you need to download program . Then just follow the instructions, if you need to there are a guide with all the information. For Windows 10 users: Caution, an error window may appear when you install the software on Windows 10. To continue, press the "Cancel" button.

You can also download the base file for a custom temperature profile .