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Best-selling conduit whitin solar cell installations

Best-selling conduit whitin solar cell installations

Our best-selling conduit AGT is the ultimate solution for protecting your cabling in solar applications. 

The conduit offers a multitude of unbeatable benefits:
1. Safety and durability: Made of specially modified polyamide, a UV stabilized 
material that shields against adverse weather conditions and wide temperature variations.
2. Flexibility and easy installation: Our AGT-12 conduit (Ø12,2 mm) can accommodate two 4 mm² cables, 
resulting in a smaller conduit compared to other brands on the market.
Thanks to our patented quick-fitting, a simple installation is possible without tools.
3. Fire safety: The AGT conduit is self-extinguishing (V2 acc. to UL94).
4. Environmentally friendly: Completely free from halogens, phosphorus, and cadmium.
5. Competetive: Extremely competitive pricing!
Contact us for more information on how the AGT conduit can optimize your solar panel installation and provide you with a reliable and sustainable solution. We also offer a sample free of charge!

AGT specification

Products in renewable energy

Products in renewable energy

Renewable energy applications require reliable and high-quality products as they are often in tougher environments and remote locations, where maintenance becomes difficult and costly. We offer a wide range of enclosures and installation materials that meet the requirements of these types of applications.


Wall and floor cabinets in both lacquered sheet steel and stainless steel (AISI 304 / AISI 316L on request)



Plastic enclosures in different materials, for example polycarbonate, ABS plastic, aluminum and GRP.



Corrugated protective hoses for all types of applications in various environments and surroundings.



Divisible cable glands that are available in countless configuration options and have numerous approvals.



Cable ducts, cable trays and cable ladders with the most prestigious quality marks.


Conduits and cable glands for all applications

Conduits and cable glands for all applications

As a result of our complete range of conduits and cable glands, as well as our long experience and expertise, we can offer the ideal solution according to your requirements and needs. As a customer of ours, you can be sure of that!

Below you'll find our product range for the most common applications at very competitive prices.
Always in stock!

If you are unsure which type corresponds to your existing product, please send a request with your current
type/article number to info@c-profil.se, and we will help you find the right alternative within 24 hours!

Machine building, Automation, Renewable energi installations

Conduit ECT

Very flexible conduit with thinner walls in PA6. Suitable in e.g. industrial automation, mechanical engineering, and telecommunications.

Machine building, Automation, Renewable energi installations, Construction and Railway industri

Conduit AGT

Flexible conduit with medium-thick walls in PA6. In addition to standard applications, AGT can be applied outdoors e.g. in solar panel applications.

Automation, Järnvägsindustri, Konstruktion och Marint

Conduit VOT

Flexible conduit with medium-thick walls in PA6. Suitable for applications with specific fire safety requirements, e.g. within passenger areas.

Maskinbyggnation, Automation, Förnyelsebara energiinstallationer, Konstruktion, Järnvägsindustri och Marint

Conduit FRT

Highly flexible robot-conduit in PA12, suitable for robots, extremely vulnerable automation applications, and railway applications.

Kabelgenomföring MIR - C-Pro

Conduit fitting MIR

With our patented quick-fitting MIR, you'll get a simple and flexible installation without tools. In combination with our gasket and O-ring, IP68/69K is achieved (IP66 without accessories).

Cable gland plastic / CAP-TOP

Cable gland CAP-TOP Plastic

Our CAP-TOP cable glands in plastic (polyamide) provide safe cable routing with long service life and ease of installation. The cable glands have high chemical resistance and IP68 classification.

Cable gland Stainless / CAP-TOP

Cable gland CAP-TOP Metal / Stainless / EMC

Of course, the CAP-TOP series is also available in nickel-plated brass, stainless steel, and an EMC version. These robust cable glands meet the demands of the more aggressive environments.

Slotted conduits in polyamide

Conduit / TCT

Slitsade skyddsslangar i polyamid (PA6) som ger möjligheten att använda kablar där kontakten inte kan trädas igenom. Med våra slitsade skyddsslangar i polyamid (PA6) ges möjligheten att lägga ner kontakterade kablar i en slang där kontakten inte kan trädas igenom. Slangarna erbjuder även en perfekt lösning vid behov av eftermontage eller underhåll. De har flera användningsområden, bl.a. inom maskin- och apparatskåpsbyggnation.

Slitsad skyddslang i polyamid ect c

Slotted | ECT/C

Flexible slotted Conduit / ECT C with medium-thick wall.
Suitable for:
Maskinbyggnation, Automation och Förnyelsebara energiinstallationer.

Slitsad skyddslang i polyamid TCT - C-Pro


Flexible twin slotted conduit / TCT
Suitable for:
Maskinbyggnation, Automation och Förnyelsebara energiinstallationer.

Båda varianterna av skyddsslang är tillverkade i polyamid (PA6)

Båda varianterna är tillverkade i polyamid (PA6) samt ger en flexibel böjhållfasthet tack vare det korrugerade utförandet. Slangarna är Silikon-, fosfor-, kadmium- och halogenfria. De klarar temperaturer från -40 till +105°C (150°C under kort tid) och är självslocknande enl. UL94-HB. Ger även en god UV-beständighet.