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Icotek product news - High lights 2023

Read icotek product news - highlights 2023.

As an official partner for Icotek in Sweden, we present:


You can find all the news and expansions in the new catalog from Icotek


1. The 360° cable entry system
DB Distribution Box


2. Split cable entry frames for the food industry


3. Thread extension

4. Bulkhead for 90° cable transit


5. ALLIOLIGHT LED lighting for industry and automation

Icotek katalog 2023/24

Icotek catalog 2023/2024
Ladda ner Icoteks katalog

Split Cable Glands from Icotek

Split Cable Glands from Icotek

Introducing the KVT-ER series from Icotek – the ultimate solution for routing connected cables in enclosures and machines. With certified IP rating up to IP66/IP68 and UL Type 4X, this divisible cable gland provides maximum protection and reliability. Say goodbye to the hassle of several different cable glands - with the KVT-ER series you can run different cables with just one versatile product. Designed and built to industry standards, this professional solution ensures a seamless and secure connection. Upgrade your cable management and experience peace of mind with Icotek's divisible ca


Split Cable Glands from Icotek

Thanks to a fully separable system, cabling does not need to be reconnected, the cables' guarantees remain and the assembly time is significantly reduced.


  • Certified protection types IP66/IP68 (according to EN 60529)
  • Strain relief according to EN 62444
  • Warranties on pre-connected cables are maintained
  • Remodeling, repairs and maintenance can be done much easier and faster
  • High cable density
  • Suitable for metric hole punching
  • Lock nut included
  • High stability, vibration resistant
  • Hygienic design – free from dirt-collecting depressions


Split Cable Glands from Icotek

Split cable gland for cables with or without contact

The KVT series from Icotek enables the routing of cables with or without contact with certified IP54 classification and UL type 12. At the same time, a high cable density and a large variety of cable inserts to choose from are obtained.


Configure your unique cable entry online today!

Use the product configurator and configure your own cable entry system - according to specific needs. The configuration can then easily be requested directly.

Cable Management In The Food Industry

Cable Management In The Food Industry

The cable entry plates and traceable cable ties from Icotek have been developed for cable management in the food industry and for applications in the packaging industry. Thanks to the products following the guidelines for hygienic design, production becomes safer and cleaning is easier to perform.





- Elastomer made of material acc. to ..1935/2004/EG, (EU) 10/2011
- FDA compliant, Ecolab certified
- Guidelines for hygienic design
- Cable diameters from 3,2 - 20,5 mm
- High strain relief
- Screw or snap-in assembly
- IP68 (IP66 with snap-in)

The hole punching for KEL-DPU 24 is done acc. to industry standard, same as 24-pin industrial connectors (36 x 112 mm).

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Cable Management In The Food Industry



- Elastomer made of material acc. to ..1935/2004/EG, (EU) 10/2011
- FDA compliant, Ecolab certified
- Guidelines for hygienic design
- Cable diameters from 3,2 - 22,2 mm
- Metric sizes from M32 - M63
- Simple fixation with locknut
- IP68

Compared to traditional cable glands, IP68 is achieved for many cables with only one punched hole.

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- Guidelines for hygienic design
- High resistance to aromatic solvents, ..oils and greases etc.
- Detectable by metal detectors
- Support in quality assurance within ..food production, e.g. HACCP

The detectable cable ties and holers are used e.g. for fixing cables and conduits in various production systems. The holder has an adhesive surface, but can also be screw mounted.

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Products in renewable energy

Products in renewable energy

Renewable energy applications require reliable and high-quality products as they are often in tougher environments and remote locations, where maintenance becomes difficult and costly. We offer a wide range of enclosures and installation materials that meet the requirements of these types of applications.


Wall and floor cabinets in both lacquered sheet steel and stainless steel (AISI 304 / AISI 316L on request)



Plastic enclosures in different materials, for example polycarbonate, ABS plastic, aluminum and GRP.



Corrugated protective hoses for all types of applications in various environments and surroundings.



Divisible cable glands that are available in countless configuration options and have numerous approvals.



Cable ducts, cable trays and cable ladders with the most prestigious quality marks.


Configurable grommet box

Configurable insert box

Icotek's product configurator has become an extremely popular and proven tool. This is thanks to the possibility to virtually equip their cable entry frames with inserts, and thus get an overview of the assembly in advance.

Now the possibility to configure your own insert box is also implemented!


KT-Grommet Box

KT-Grommet Box

Grommet box for different types and sizes of KT inserts. For KEL / KVT

QT-Grommet Box

QT-Grommet Box

Grommet box for different types and sizes of QT inserts. For KEL-QUICK / KEL-QTA / QVT

The benefits may seem quite obvious to many. Whether it's the low administrative effort or the reduced inventory costs, the individual box is a perfect collection of inputs for prototyping or development departments. The box can also come in handy during service calls

The new 360° Distribution box

360-Distribution box

Safe routing of varied cables from all directions

With The new 360° distribution box from Icotek, cables can be distributed 360° in the desired direction. Up to 48 pcs. cables with or without contact can be routed, sealed and strain-relieved according to

Simple distribution of cables in a 360° angle

Innovative design: Simple routing or
distribution of cables in a 360° angle

Divisible system: Re-installations, repairs and maintenance can be handled very easily and smoothly

High cable density: Up to 48 pcs. cables can
routed using multi-stakes

Metric thread: Suitable for metric drilling M32-M75* and is fixed via the included lock nut

Integrated strain relief: according to EN 62444

Icotek product news & new catalog

Product News 2022 icotek

Icotek Product News & New Catalog for 2022. See Top Five News from icotek in 2022! View and download Icotek's new catalog here.

All-In-One Cable grommet

All In One Cable grommet

Allt-i-Ett Kabelgenomföring där extra utskärningar ej behövs längre. Skapa unika gränssnitt med IMAS-CONNECT™ adapterinsatser från Icotek. Visste du, att du kan sätta in kontakter och pneumatikkopplingar direkt i din kabelingång? Extra utskärningar behövs ej längre! Skapa ditt unika gränssnitt med IMAS-CONNECT™ adapterinsatser från Icotek.


Insert pneumatic couplings directly into your cable entry frame

Couplings for pneumatic conduits can be inserted directly into your entry frame by using the IMAS-CONNECT adapter insert AT-K-M. Separate holes in the enclosure wall are no longer needed.

Icotek's pneumatic couplings M12 x 1.0 and M14 x 1.0 used for IMAS-CONNECT adapter grommets are also available individually.

pneumatic coupling
IMAS-CONNECT™ adapter grommet

Transform your entry frame into a contact interface

Contacts can be inserted directly into the entry frame using the IMAS-CONNECT adapter grommet AT-KS. Separate holes in the enclosure wall are no longer needed.

Keystone sockets for use with the IMAS-CONNECT system are also available individually (USB 3.0, HDMI and CAT6).

IMAS-CONNECT™ adapter grommet

The new split 90° flange enclosure

New divisible 90 ° cable gland
Den nya delbara kabelgenomföringen KEL-FG-ER är den perfekta lösningen för kablar i 90° vinkel, oavsett om kabeln är förkontakterad eller ej.

For higher demands!

Split 90° cable entry with protection class IP65

Advantages of the new KEL-FG-ER

Advantages of the new KEL-FG-ER:

• Protection class IP65 thanks to an integrated gasket
• Mounting at a 90° angle to the wall
• Mechanical protection of cables directly at the entrance
• Protection against water splashes and drops
• Ideal for cables with connectors
• High flexibility when using the IMAS-CONNECT™ system
• Strain relief acc. EN 62444

Advantages of the new KEL-FG-ER